NZ Text Editor

Instead of making a tutorial on updating I have supplied an updated version of wxScintilla in the file release system. The package comes with the version of Scintilla it supports along with some minor changes that make it buildable in an ide with mingw. That means header inclusions primarily. Once I have done the work to get wxScintilla/wxSTC fully updated and working I will leave that version of wxScintilla up and supply a seperate header file with the newest Scintilla lexer declairations added to it. about 5 functions have differences between wxScintilla and wxSTC, the wxSTC versions have been added to wxScintilla so there is no further need of conflict, the old names are still present for backward compatibility.

For wxDev-C++ users the XSTC-7.2 devpak has a very simple wxSTC compatibility layer that uses this version of wxScintilla and subclasses it so that your codebase doesn't need to be altered. One thing to note is that since it was built against wxWidgets 2.9.3, I had problems with wxConfig when I built that version, you may not be able to use the config features in XSTC. That only applies to the binary in the devpak though.