NZ Text Editor

Is a lightwieght text editor meant to show off XSTC and MultiBook. it is simple as in not bloated. There is no binary plugin support on purpose. If the JavaScript support is not enough for you then search elsewhere. I have used Notepad++ but its been getting too crouded with features I don't need and worse, that get in the way. Since I have not found an editor that suits me elsewhere I started this project.

What will it support when its finished?
JavaScripting that will serve as a light plugin system. Some menu items and tool items can be added with it. Also a great deal of the ExtScintilla api. (wxScintilla api) It is meant as a robust macro replacement.
the macro extension for XSTC
XML keywords extension for XSTC
Multiline editing support since Scintilla supports it now
Themable toolbar (its not that hard, really)
Multibook will be used with a renderer selector in the settings dialog.

It should be noted that no printing support will be added. I will make some exporting JS functions, the documents can then be useful for printing elsewhere. I never use a printer so why bother. There are many other bits of software that print. Exportred WYSIWYG XML and HTML should get you what you need.

NZTE is in early alpha stages at present so most of the features are missing.