NZ Text Editor

MultiBook Is going to be a "super" notebook slash tab control. Yes I hope it will be useful to some one out there but I have yet to actually finish it. I didn't feel like making yet another run-of-the-mill themed norebook with some such uniqe feature and its a royal pain to add new themes to or what not. After trying to do several things that I just didn't like I decided to fix the problem by building my own book. If I was going to do that, I was going to make it worth the time.

The book is set up so the platform window is a seperate entity from the notebook interface. That way any platform related issues can be solved correctly on the given platform. The book can behave like a tabbed control that only sends events out and does not manage any windows or as a full notebook. In the case of the book it does not force you to assign a window to manage, instead there is a book specific window that will be displayed instead if the selected tab does not have an associated window. In tab control mode a window handle can still be given and MultiBook can be switched between modes easily. Due to its multiborder capability in tabbed mode it can be told to manage the book-specific window for sizing only. Also each tab is assigned a uniqe id. Unlike the regular id that is based on position the uid never changes during the life of the tab.

The more interesting part is what you see. It is themable, and with the right work a theme renderer could emulate the native look, even on borders that the native look doesn't support. Themes are not the most important though its only a tiny part of what the user sees in your applicaton after all, but still it's nice to have. The neat thing is MultiBook will support all 4 border spaces at once. Drag n drop between borders, even to an empty border. Several visual options are supported like a dnd placement arrow showing where a tab will be instered or the tab to be replaced will be hilighted. A add button similar to some Firefox themes. Also many options to control behavior such as turning off specific borders, locking tabs to the border it was added to even one selection per border. This may not be the greatest with four borders, but if right and left where active and the windows where put into a splitter it might not be too bad in some cases. Nothing is forcing you to use Multibook in mulit-border mode either.

I was holding off on committing to trunk and it's no where near usable, in fact it wont build at the moment, but I have had a chance to work on enough of the details to decide, I think on a suitable file/directory structure. So I've committed it and will keep the code as up-to-date as I can.