NZ Text Editor

In the name "NZ" stands for Nuklear Zelph, thats me ;) Its a personal project that I have been medeling with for quie some time, not too seriously until recently however. I have used quite a number of text editors and settled on Notepad++. More recently its been getting so bloated that some features are getting in my way. Other editors are out there too, but it was the only one that felt intuitive to me and supported ny needs. However some things got hid or dropped, others added and the cleaner older version had several annoying bugs. So instead of tryig to battle win32 I decided to build my own where I am much more confortable.

This project also serves as a home for two other somewhat related projects:
eXtended Styled Text Control (XSTC) named before I knew about Scintilla and wxScintilla. It was very hacky and sat in wxCode for two years in a buggy state. I don't expect too many people really used it, if they did it took some effort to debug since the code was a disaster. It duplicated just about everything and supporting 90 some odd lexers in Scintilla made for a huge job. It was my first real project that was not really meant to be thrown away. It was a pre-step for a text editor that never came into fruition. However in a round about way this editor is what XSTC was mean to support. I was considering abandoning it, but after deciding to write NZTE (this editor) I did a major rewrite. Now XSTC is clean, managable, bug free (to my knowledge) and feature complere as it was intended. The new version is not too similar to the old one.

I have taken on a temporary project updating wxScintilla with support for the new commands (which means the old ones that have been there for ever and it just never supported. There have been a few new commands recently though.) I used the work that wxSTC had already gotten and addon on to it. Currently I have Scintilla 3.03 working with wxScintilla, it is availible for download in the file release system. I will leave it up after I get the last bit of work done on it and keep the header up-to-date with any new lexer support. The work put into it will be sent in as a patch for wxSTC. Im calling it the 1.70.x series. Its just a fork, but I have to have something that I can keep XSTC up-to-date with and wxSTC brings in a can of worms being an official part of wxWidgets.

The other big project is "The MulltiBook". It is aimed at being a multi-toolkit "super" notebook. I wont go into all the details of why I decided to build it and it was not initially going to be cross toolkit, but after a lot of work and rewriting having never done anything like it before I decided it wouldn't be too difficult to just make the platform window seperate. I have run into some challanges I didn't expect but It will come together. It will serve as a dual-mode notebook component, either a tab control or a full notebook. It supports changing tab themes, any of the 4 borders can have tabs drawn to simultaniously, it support full drag n drop and more. I have been holding off on putting code in SVN, but I just added what I have and yes its a huge mess. The tab management code is all that really works. It's being developed with wxWidgets and I hope to make a QT and GTK+ version as well. I might try to battle win32 even.